You have a college degree and want to move to work? There are two situations: You have a job offer, or you don’t it

You have a job offer

Once you have received an actual job offer in Germany, you are entitled to the “EU Blue Card”, a combined residence and work permit, provided that you have been offered an annual gross salary of at least €53,600. If the salary is below this threshold, you can work as a doctor or in one of the “MINT” (mathematics, IT, natural sciences, technology/engineering) professions in Germany if you earn a similar salary to that of German employees – that is, at least €41,808 a year.

You don't have a job offer

By the way: are you still job-hunting and would like to look for a post that corresponds to your qualifications in Germany? In that case, you are entitled to a six-month visa. The condition is that you have a university degree and are able to support yourself while you stay in Germany.

Please note that the visa entitling you to hunt for jobs does not entitle you to work. Once you find a suitable post, you can immediately apply for the appropriate residence permit while, of course, remaining in Germany. You can apply for the visa to the German mission abroad in your area.

They will tell you exactly which conditions you have to fulfill to be able to apply. You can find the addresses of the German missions abroad in your country on our “Local contacts” world map.