Contractual Agreement between Niugermany, Germany and the Applicant

  1. PARTIES OF CONTRACT:Party Nr 1: Niugermany, represented by its Director General, Dr. Jürgen Werner, in this contract referred to Niugermany
    Party Nr 2: in this contract referred to “the applicant”.
  2. Purpose of Contract: This contract functions as a legal basis for the temporary collaboration between the two parties in the framework of the following package:

Work in Germany Package

In all packages Niugermany functions as the mediating entity for the applicant. This contract can only cover one of the above-mentioned programs.

3. DURATION OF CONTRACT: This contract commences with the transfer of the full tuition and it ends with the fulfilment of Niugermany’s duties stipulated in Article 4 of this contract.
4. :DUTIES OF NIUGERMANY: Niugermany supports the applicant in the following procedures
4.1. Beginner German Language Course, level A1.1. (60 hours)
4.2. Guiding you through the Visa Application process
4.3. Acknowledging your qualifications (excluding official fees)
4.4. Overall guidance and follow up with all details (follow up meetings and calls)
4.5. Counselling: We will provide you with online training on the following:
4.5.1. Digital skills
4.5.2. Work in Germany
4.5.3. Intercultural Skills
4.5.4. CV and digital identity
4.6. Insurance Consultancy: travel, health, work, retirement, life insurances.
4.7. The job: Networking with the available jobs


5.1. The applicant has to confirm the authenticity of all documentation and the correctness of all personal information. School and university leaving certificates have to be certified by Higher Education Authorities of their home country.
5.2. All costs as well as legal consequences resulting from failure to observe this point will be borne by the applicant. Visa refusal due to “forged documents” will be treated as an immediate contract cancellation without any refund options.
5.3. All fees occurring during the mediation process shall be borne by the applicant to make sure that Niugermany can proceed the process.


6.1. The applicant pays the package fee to the account of Niugermany. On receipt of this payment Niugermany will start its services for the applicant.
6.2. This amount does not include
– any costs incurred by the visa application
– any official fees to German authorities occurring during the registration and acknowledgment procedure; these costs will be paid by the applicant on receipt during the procedure while its payment is a prerequisite for the continuation of Niugermany’s services.
– any tuition fees for German Language Courses except the first course.
– payments for compulsory or voluntary insurance.
– international or national travel costs.
In case of successful placement to a job offer according to the applicant’s wishes the applicant shall pay 7% of your salary for the first 6 months.


7.1 Should the applicant wish to cancel the contract due to visa refusal, and notwithstanding the fact that all necessary prerequisites have been fulfilled, the applicant may opt for visa appeal procedure. Should the visa be refused finally while not being caused by submission of forged or incomplete documents Niugermany shall refund 20% of the paid tuition fee. Niugermany requires original letter of refusal from the Embassy for the enforcement of this article.
7.2. Should the applicant step back from the contract although Niugermany has fulfilled all necessary duties and not caused by negative decisions of the visa section of the German Embassy as stipulated in 7.1., no refund applies.
7.3. Any already paid official fees as mentioned above in 6.2. are not refundable in case of cancellation of the contract.
7.4. Any tuition fees for German language Course are not refundable in case of cancellation of the contract.


Either party shall promptly notify the other party, in writing, of any situation or event arising from circumstances beyond their control, which they could not have reasonably foreseen, and which make the performance of all or part of the parties’ obligations under this contract impossible. Upon notification of the occurrence of such a situation or event, the performance of this contract shall be deemed to be postponed for a period of time equivalent to that caused by the Force Majeure and reasonable period not exceeding one (1) week thereafter shall be allowed for remobilization to continue the performance of the contract.
Force majeure explicitly includes not foreseeable changes of German and international laws, political crises or occurrences comparable to the recent Corona/Covid 19 pandemic.

For Niugermany
Dr Jürgen Werner (Director General)