Work in Germany package

Duration (9-12 months)

The German Labour Market is expanding regularly and in increasing need for people to work.

There are certain fields that are highly needed like nurses, doctors, medical helpers, and It engineers and specialists. However there are tens of fields in which you can find your future opportunity.

When you buy this package, NiuGermany will take you step by step in your journey to come to Germany. Our team will guide you through the whole procedures that are required to get the work visa and come to Germany. We will study all your documents and get your certificates acknowledged. Then we will help you preparing for the Embassy interview. NiuGermnay will use its vast network with the German companies to help you find a job and get a contract.

This package includes the following services


Beginner German Language Course, level A1.1. (60 hours)

Visa process

Guiding you through the Visa Application process


Acknowledging your qualifications (excluding official fees)
Fees vary according to the kind of qualification and the number of documents. Fees are set by the German government.


Overall guidance and follow up with all details (follow up meetings and calls)


We will provide you with online training on the following

  • Digital skills
  • Work in Germany
  • Intercultural Skills
  • CV and digital identity

Insurance Consultancy

Travel, health, work, retirement, life insurances.

The job

Networking with the available jobs

You can buy the full package or buy the package in three parts

Price of Package: 1950 Euros

We will do our best to get you a job contract and if we could we ask you to pay 7% of your salary for the first 6 months.

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The first payment covers the following services

  • An online German Course
  • Starting acknowledging your qualifications.
  • Follow up sessions
  • Orientation about life and work

First Payment

The second payment covers the following services

  • Overall guidance and follow up
  • Counselling
  • Insurance Consultancy, Follow up sessions,visa requirements
  • Completing acknowledgment process

Second Payment

The third payment covers the following services

  • Completing your visa application
  • Insurance Consultancy: travel, health, work, retirement, life insurances.
  • The Job: Networking with the available jobs

Third Payment